Climate, weather and tides


Whangārei is part of New Zealand's only sub-tropical climate zone and has warm summers and mild winters.

Climate & Weather

Our summer and autumn months are from December through to May and warm, sunny weather and blue skies are common throughout the year. Typical summer temperatures range from 22° to 30°+ Celsius - that's 71° to 86° Fahrenheit.

Winter daytime temperatures range from 12° to 17° Celsius. It never gets really cold (it doesn't snow here!) and outdoor activities can be done all year round.

Thanks to an average annual rainfall of approximately 1,500mm, the landscape is green and the growing season is long and bountiful. Occasional cyclones can bring some unexpected excitement in summer!

Average Temperatures:

Summer   December to February     24°C high, 14°C low
Autumn    March to May                   21°C high, 11°C low
Winter      June to August                16°C high, 7°C low
Spring      September to November 17°C high, 10°C low

Here is the latest weather forecast.


The Whangārei District has a long and beautiful coastline, three harbours, and many estuaries and tidal rivers. Some of our best recreational activities are based around the water including coastal walks or fishing spots that may only be accessible at low tide. Please ensure your safety and always check tides before embarking.

Check tides, water temperatures, fishing times and more here.

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