The big picture

Known as the 'birthplace of the nation', Northland is rich in history and culture.

For investors, it also offers a wide variety of opportunities to build on the region's strengths and create new and sustainable value from its plentiful resources.

Although underpinned by primary production and manufacturing, Northland's economy is diverse.

High-performing sectors include pastoral farming and processing, horticulture, marine engineering and energy.

Northland is New Zealand's only subtropical region, and its warm climate and extensive coastline offer natural advantages for high-quality forestry and aquaculture production.

A changing Whangārei

Whangārei is a hub for Northland and is the only city north of Auckland. It is home to major retail, employment and service centres that are used by the wider region.

Whangārei also has key infrastructure such as Northport, Whangārei Airport and Whangārei Hospital.

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