Key attributes


Here's 3 key reasons to invest in Whangārei

1. Strategic Location

Whangārei is two hour drive north of New Zealand’s economic hub, Auckland, which provides easy access to the largest domestic market in New Zealand as well as the gateway to all international markets. 

This proximity also allows easy leverage of Auckland’s infrastructure and services for your business - without the higher cost of doing business in this large city. 

2. Land available for development

Whangārei has abundant commercial land available for development. There are two major developments underway one near the city at Port Nikau and one south of Whangārei in the Marsden area.

2. Climate

Whangarei is part of New Zealand's only sub-tropical climate zone and has warm summers and mild winters.

This sub-tropical climate affords a longer growing season than anywhere else in New Zealand.

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