Public healthcare


New Zealand residents benefit from a public health system that is free or low cost thanks to Government subsidies. Non-residents use NZ healthcare services at a cost.


Dial 111 in an emergency. 

Accident and emergency treatment at public hospitals is free.

Find a family doctor

Find and register with a family doctor or GP (General Practitioner) when you move to the District.  A list of Medical Centres with GPs can be found at Mahitahi Hauora, Northland's primary health entity. 

A GP is your primary health care provider and if a member of your family is sick, your GP is the first person you should call. GPs set their own fees and may vary so check before deciding which one to enrol with.  Some costs including prescriptions may be are subsidised by the Government, but you must visit your family doctor or GP for these.


Whangārei has the region’s largest hospital, Northland District Health BoardKensington Hospital is a private hospital and White Cross is an accident and medical clinic.

Hospital treatment and specialists' services may be subsidised or free in the public system for residents but there can be waiting lists for both. Many New Zealander's take medical insurance to reduce waiting time for specialists or surgery.


Everyone in New Zealand is covered by Accident Compensation Corporation’s (ACC) no-fault scheme if they’re injured in an accident. This includes children, beneficiaries and students. It doesn’t matter if they’re working, unemployed or retired. It also includes visitors to New Zealand. Find out what ACC covers.