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Listen to our site

If you want to listen to this website there are free website reader add-ons (plug-in/extension) for Chrome, Firefox and Opera and Edge comes with ReadAloud built-in. The readers can be helpful however they will struggle with the pronunciation of the Māori words in our website. For an acceptable pronunciation of Māori words checkout Māori Dictionary

Edge - ReadAloud

Edge has a built-in website reader ReadAloud.  It can be accessed by clicking on the 3 dots in the right hand corner and clicking on ReadAloud.


ReadAloud controls

The pause and play button is located in the centre and the settings for the voice style and speed is on the right-hand side.


Website text size

To increase the size of the website and text use Ctrl and + and Ctrl and - to decrease the website and text size.

Website translations

If you want to translate this website into another language there are free website translation add-ons (plug-in/extension) for Edge, Firefox and Opera.  Chrome comes with a website translator built-in. 

Chrome Translator

You will find the translator icon on top righthand side.