Whangārei's subtropical climate, spectacular landscapes and coastline, culture and history make it a desirable but relatively untouched tourism destination.

Whangārei provides an ideal hub for visitors to base themselves. They can make the most of the convenience of the small, attractive city's services and still be in easy reach of Northland's other attractions such as the Bay of Islands, Waitangi, the Far North including Cape Reinga and the Hokianga.

Over 300 Whangārei tourism operators leverage the Whangārei District's natural environment and status as Northland's commercial centre, offering a wide range of accommodation, activities and hospitality businesses.

The Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Maori Art Gallery, is the last authentic Hundertwasser building in the world is an iconic landmark and unique point of difference for Whangārei. It is estimated that it will attract over 140,000 visitors a year. International consultancy Deloitte estimates the Centre will bring $3.5 million a year in net economic benefit to the Northland region - a compelling investment story for development of new tourism product in Whangārei. While COVID has impacted estimated international tourism numbers, the economic benefits of increasing visitors and $ economic benefits will still remain in the long term. 

Helpful Statistics

The Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) is a tool that provides information about short-term accommodation activity at national and regional levels. It estimates the guest nights, occupancy rates and other measures relating to the accommodation industry.

DGiT (Domestic Growth Insight Tool) is an insight project to help activate domestic tourism by helping you identify your target domestic traveller audience, what motivates them to travel, and recommends the best way to market to them.

Whangārei District tourism indicators, which measure the level of expenditure of both international and domestic travellers in New Zealand, are included as part of the Northland region figures.