Finding a Home

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Home for sale

A guide to buying or renting a home in Whangarei District

Where to live

The City
Whangarei city offers low density, mostly detached, housing. Many homes will have a private outdoor space where, as kiwis, we like to relax, whether we are gardening, playing with the kids or having a family meal.

Whangarei property is very affordable as our housing prices sit below the New Zealand average. Most housing options are available to buy, rent or lease.

Rural and Coastal
Beautiful green spaces and some of the best coastline in the world can be found in the Whangarei District, including Tutukaka, Whangarei Heads and Bream Bay.

Short term accommodation

Check the Accommodation section of this website to find somewhere to stay (a motel, hotel or holiday home) for a short time before you rent or buy.

Renting a home

Most rental accommodation in New Zealand is in houses, units, flats or apartments owned by private landlords. When you rent you will need to pay a deposit or bond and this can be 3-4 weeks rent in advance. Rent is also usually paid a week or two in advance, so before you move into accommodation, you may need to pay the equivalent of up to six weeks rent in advance.

To rent a home you must have a Tenancy Agreement, a written, legal contract between you and your landlord. You can download one of these, as well as receive advice on renting, by visiting Tenancy Services.

Websites which list rental accommodation include:

Properties available for rent may be advertised in the classified sections of the local newspapers:

  • The Northern Advocate
  • The Report
  • The Whangarei Leader

Buying a home

In 2017, the average house value in Whangarei District was $451,537. The national average was $625,034.

When buying a house you can arrange finance through your bank or an independent mortgage lender / broker. Most will ask you to pay a deposit and will look at your income, your assets, debts and credit rating. Your bank can advise you on the type of mortgage that will best suit you.

Sorted provides information for home buyers.

Properties for sale are advertised through:

  • Real estate companies and agents
  • Local newspapers The Northern Advocate The Whangarei Report The Whangarei Leader
  • Free weekly publications such as Property Guide and Property Plus are available throughout the district
  • Trade Me Property and

You can also buy a house through a 'private sale', that is, directly from the owner, although you will need to engage a lawyer to complete the legal requirements. Private Sale properties are often listed in local newspapers and Trade Me Property.

Whangarei District Council has some information about the area, land and building history of a property. There is a fee for some information. 

Landowners pay annual rates (taxes) based on the value of the property to the Whangarei District Council and the Northland Regional Council. There are a number of ways to pay these rates and you can find out more by phoning Whangarei District Council on freephone 0800 932 463, or visit the rates section of the Council website.


Insuring your house, possessions and life is important and there are many options. Evidence of a ‘no claims’ status (even from another country) may help you qualify for a ‘no-claims bonus’ or discount. Bring supporting documents when applying for insurance. You can find contact details for insurance companies and brokers in the local telephone book and Consumer explains how insurance works in New Zealand.