Weather & Climate

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Dawn at the Town Basin, Whangarei

With about 2000 hours of sunshine every year and having the warmest city in New Zealand, Whangarei locals and visitors enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

Local's Tips

WHATEVER THE WEATHER. Whangarei's beaches are amazing on a hot, blue day. They're also amazing on a wild, windy day. Go on, take a walk and get in touch with the elements of nature!

Iconic Kiwi 'Fush & Chups’. Make like a local, grab some battered fish and crispy chips from the local takeaway, take them to the beach and enjoy - the food, the beach, life and everything...

Whangarei is part of New Zealand's only sub-tropical climate zone and has warm summers and mild winters.

Summer months are from December through to February and warm, sunny weather and blue skies are common throughout the year.

Typical summer temperatures range from 22° to 30°+ Celsius - that's 71° to 86° Farenheit.

Winter daytime temperatures range from 12° to 17° Celcius. It never gets really cold (it doesn't snow in Whangarei) and outdoor activities can be done all year round.

Thanks to an average annual rainfall of approximately 1,500 mm, the landscape is green and the growing season is long and bountiful. Occasional cyclones can bring some unexpected excitement in summer!

Average Temperatures:
Summer   December to February     24°C high, 14°C low
Autumn    March to May                   21°C high, 11°C low
Winter      June to August                16°C high, 7°C low
Spring      September to November 17°C high, 10°C low

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